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Trump for President.

Donald Trumps' Official Site 2016 (purchase signs, hats, shirts, etc. or make a donation). To register to vote in any State, go to Vote for Family (U.S. Offical Government site).

Rasmussen: Trump Leads Clinton by 5 Nationwide (09/23/16)

Trump vs. Clinton (2016) Presidential Voter Guide - PDF to hand out. This is a two-sided 8.5 x 11 non-Globalist voter guide that can be placed at non-profits such as churches. It does not endorse any candidate and is therefore legal. If you are making a 24 x 36 bulletin, then use this one page voter guide: Trump vs. Clinton (2016) Bulletin Presidential Voter Guide - PDF. Students for Trump -- see List of Active Colleges

I. Stop the Steal & TheStoneZone ( a false narrative is being brought forth against Russian President); II. 5 Reasons Bernie Voters Should Support Trump ; IIII. NRA Endorses Donald Trump (see speech (05/20/16) --Thumbs up for Donald Trump ; IV. (a site launched by Donald Trump to expose Hillary Clinton's lies); V. Donald J. Trump's authorized Super PAC is the Committee for American Sovereignty, not any others; VI. American Hispanics Want Trump Wall (07/11/16) -- Residents of McAllen, Texas explain why they support Donald Trump.

Emergency! Hillary/Globalists Shutting Down Opposition Media (09/28/16)--Alex Jones Discusses the lastest news surrounding Michael Savages silencing by ABC radio and provides the background warning that was laid out by Matt Drudge one year ago (TV)

Hillary Clinton gets the support of most of the Billionaires for her campaign.

Billionaires Donate to Hillary 20-to-1 Over Trump (09/28/16) -- U.S. Members on Index on World's Richest Fund Democrat 20-to-1

Watch the Full NJ Capitol Interview With Senator Mike Doherty (TV Interiew with Steve Adubato and Rafael Pi Roman on 09/12/16). Scientists Admit Fake Climate Change Predictions (09/20/16)--Major Error

To see a list of Globalist Billionaires and Millionaires (Hillary's Wall Street Fat Cats And Billionaire Boys' Club) who support and donate big money to Hillary Clinton, click to read article from The New American Magazine, Sept. 5, 2016, page 12 entitled Trump vs. The Establishment. Third Party candidates: The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson ( a nasty person who is a Democratic and Globalist operative and is not a Libertarian) and takes almost the identical positions of Hillary Clinton (TPP, Carbon Taxes, open borders, anti-Second Amendment, etc.). The other candidate for the Constitution Party, Darrell Castel ( a good guy), but his positions are almost identical to Donald Trump's positions. So, why is he running? It is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Committee for American Sovereignty Pac for Donald Trump

[ Be Wary of Bogus Trump Super Pac's (5/17/16) -- Any others are not sanctioned by the Trump campaign. Beware of so-called Christians and Conservatives trying to support a third party; they are Neocons and will support an establishment Neocon third-party candidate in order to get Hillary elected.]

Like a Boss -- Donald Trump Delivered a Stunningly Impressive "America First" Remarks in Mexico (08/31/16) -- A fearless American went to Mexico and unapologetically nailed his position on the relationship between the U.S.and Mexico. Trump likes Mexican President Pieta Nieto and had a great discussion with him and thought they could both benefit each others country. Also, hear the great speech on immigration in Phoenix, AZ -- see full speech and hear the detailed plan. And see Powerful: Black Trump Supporter Talks about His Journey of Awakening (YouTube 09/02/16) -- Trump is uniting the country while the Democratic Party continues agenda of division.

Why Conservatives Can't Trust Fox News (08/26/16) -- Learn about FOX and the tactics they use to distort the truth (TV commentary by Margaret Howell & Lee Ann Mcadoo). Rupert Murdoch is a major donor to Hillary Clinton and his sons that run Fox News are also behind Hillary Clinton. 3rd party candidate Johnson is a trojan horse and is a Globlist and put up by the establishment and is not libertarian.

Black Men for Bernie now for Trump!

'Black Men For Bernie' Founder To End Democrat 'Political Slavery' Of Minority Voters...By Campaigning For Trump! -- "Bernie inspired us to disrupt the status quo because it only works for the elites and not regular people who are struggling."

Top Experts Admit Trump Right About Election Fraud (YouTube ;08/23/16) -- Roger Stone talks about how more and more people are being forced to come out and admit there is election fraud

Bernie Supporters Say They're Voting for Trump (TV interview by CampusReform on 07/29/16) -- "I am leaving the Democratic Party.

Obama's Brother (Malik Obama) is voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 US Election

Khizr Khan Believes Sharia Trumps The Constitution (08/03/16) -- Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over "man-made" Western law & What The Media Isn't Reporting About Khizr Khan and Khan justified the execution of gays (08/03/16)

Trump Leads Clinton in Latest Poll After Month of Trailing (08/21/16) -- Donald Trump finds himself ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Senator Mike Doherty at the RNC

RNC 2016: Meet the N.J. lawmaker who has backed Donald Trump the longest (Senator Mike Doherty of NJ, 23rd District (07/18/16)

Stile from News: GOP More on the Fence than in Trump's Corner (07/19/16) -- the idiot Jon Bramnick (NJ Assemblyman, 21st District), who is not even a NJ Delegate, has not endorsed Trump yet. Bramnick sits on the floor of the NJ delegation and stood next to Governor Chris Christie's son (Andrew) and his son Andrew called in the NJ's 51 delegates at the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio, but cannot even endorse Trump. Someone please tell Bramnick to go the hell home. Another scumbag/Globalist, who wants to raise the NJ Gas Tax, in the Republican Party according to other NJ Republican delegates at the RNC convention. So, what does Governor Christie do? He praises Bramnick that cannot even endorse Trump. Governor Christie told his cronies not to cheer for Eric Trump (he was shunned by them), which was alleged by other NJ delegates? They have witnesses to confirm this happened. Also, Governor Christie does very little to help Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno -- it seems he ignores her and gives her no credit or praise.

Governor Chris Christie (NJ) delivered a great speech at the RNC convention; however, Russia is not our enemy (this was also stated on the Mike Savage show on 07/20/16). Governor Christie has to stop listening to his neocon, globalist, God hating friends. Russia is promoting Christians values, freedom, fighting against Islamic terrorism and harmful GMOs, etc. President Putin is a great man. Unlike America which is taking our freedoms away (see Twitter Execs won't Say If they Believe in Freedom of Speech at the RNC Convention (07/21/16)) -- many Conservative/Populist/Libertarian radio hosts including Fox News are trying to be shut down or censored; see CSJW Coup Going Down at Fox News (07/20/16) -- There apppears to be a coup going down at Fox News seeking to oust Roger Ailes). This is what the Globalists such as Hillary Clinton are behind.

Exclusive: GOP Elite Staging RNC Walkout to Stop Trump (Karl Rove trys to conspire a coup against Trump -- a scumbag). (TV -- 07/19/16)

Trump: Foreign Governments Likely Have 'Blackmail File' on Hillary (TV speech by Trump (06/22/16) -- "This fact alone disqualifies her from the presidency." Jobs are shipped overseas by so-called free trade agreements that Hillary Clinton supports and Donald Trump will stop this practice. Trump asks Bernie supporters to back him. FBI Source: Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government (07/07/16) -- The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the email servers, source reveals.Putin of Russia Warns of World War 3 (see TV coverage -- 07/07/16) -- Society hurdles dangerously closer to global warfare. This is being caused by the West--dumb America knows nothing. Putin warns that Hillary Clinton is the most dangerous warmonger in U.S. history.

Winning The War Against Radical IslamIslamicInvasionDVDJihadAccordingQuranandHadith.jpg

Video: Alex Jones on France Terror Attack In Nice (TV -- 07/14/16) -- Western civilization under attack. Donald Trump is correct. What is President Obama and Hillary Clinton doing? Bringing thousands of Muslim refugees (many who are radical Jihadists) into the United States. Also, Clinton and Obama will not allow any (or very few) Christians to migrate to the United States from the Middle East.

See the following books entitled Winning the War Against Radical Islam and The Islamic Invasion and DVD enitled Jihad According to the Qur'an and Hadith by Dr. Robert A. Morey. Note: 12 Times Pope Francis Has Openly Promoted A One World Religion Or A New World Order (08/01/16) -- it has become exceedingly clear that his agenda includes moving humanity toward a one world religion and a new world order. The Pope also defends Islam.

Dr. Robert A. Morey (one of the top religious scholars in the world) is interviewed on "Frank and Friends" radio program on the topic of "What is Islam?" A Short Course (11/15/15) and "Judaism and Jews" (11/16/15) -- the information is not intended to offend Muslims or Jews, but just to give an accurate history and background. Pew Poll: 63 million Muslims support ISIS in 11 countries (2015)

Emma Watson who does not understand Islam.Author Offers $100K to Charity if Emma Watson Spends Week In Migrant Camp (07/06/16) -- Hollywood celebrity accused of hypocrisy over mass-migration stance (recommend book for Ms. Emma Watson: The Islamic Invasion by Dr. Robert A. Morey).

Black, Democrat Sheriff: Obama, Hillary Fueling 'War on Cops' to Exploit Hysteria (07/08/16) -- Obama "fuels this sort of anger," Sheriff Clark says. Note: FBI statistics--990 people shot dead by cops last year; there are 330 million people in the U.S. Breakdown by race: 494 white, 258 African American and 172 Hispanic shot dead in 2015. More African Americans people are shot dead in Chicago in the year 2015 than by cops (2000 people shot and 500 dead; black on black crime)--see Alex Jones: Obama/Soros Behind Dallas Police Massacre (Obama and Soros have worked in tandem to inflame racial tensions (TV commentary 07/10/16). The globalists want a UN take over of the police in America; it is an excuse by Obama and globalists to take down America. Black Lives Matter: Progressive Financed Vanguard of Socialist Control (TV commentary 07/10/16) -- CIA sponsored Cloward-Piven strategy bankrolled by liberal aims for race war and order out of chaos. See list of wealthy liberals (article on above) supporting leftist organizations such as Democracy Alliance, who meet behind closed doors with Black Lives Matter (BLM). See Black Harvard Economist Finds No Racial Bias in Officer-Involved Shootings (TV 07/12/16) -- 'The most surprising result of my career'.

Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM is A 'Radical Hate Group' (7/10/16) -- "The consequences of what we saw in Dallas is due to their efforts"

Sick: 'Black Lives Matter' (BLM) Supporters Celebrate Murder of Dallas Cops (07/08/16) -- BLM agitators joyful about slaughter of "pigs." BLM is a domestic terrorist organization that plotted to bomb a police station in Ferguson. Who is BLMs hero? Assata Shakur's is an icon to BLM. Also, it is alleged that George Soros )--who has funded coups overseas (for example, the Ukrainian coup) has given $33 million in one year to groups affliated with BLM according to Infowars. Dr. Martin Luther King's niece slams 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters ("Some people don't even remember Martin Luther King and what he stood for")

Alton Sterling: "Gentle Giant" Or Armed Felon? (07/10/16) -- Sterling was well known to local police as a dangerous criminal. Note: This does not implying that there is no discrimination going on with police departments, but it is being exaggerated (the problem is with police policy that affects all races such as the so-called war on drugs (former President Bill Clinton (with Hillary's approval) passed draconian drug laws when he was president that resulted in many African-Americans being put in jail). It was stupidity to shoot Philando Catile of Falcon Heights in his car, who had a concealed carry permit. FACE book disgraced themselves by supporting BLM and carred less about the 5 Dallas police officers assinated.

Unbiased, Independent Poll: Trump 67%, Clinton 19% (08/15/16)

Breaking: Donald Trump Secures Republican Nomination (07/19/16)

Trump Blasts Rinos Who Attacked Him: 'They Are The Ones Who Allowed Rise Of ISIS' (08/10/16) -- Shrugs off 50 Bush-era national security starategist who say they won't vote for him

Tumps Full Speech at RNC (TV 07/21/16)---Trump: "Legacy of Hillary Clinton is Death, Destruction, Terrorism and Weakness and anti-working Class--Hillary Clinton has always supported TPP. Bill Clinton with the help of Hillary Clinton in 1994 put nonviolent black Americans in jail with draconian drug laws. Hillary Clinton cared less about her destructive polices towards the black community.

Share This Link to Help Trump Stop Rigged Elections! -- Trump calls on Americans to become "election observers"

New Polls Are Rigged For Hillary Clinton (08/05/16) -- Pollsters calling this a "polling crisis". They are grooming the people by rigging the polls so they can commit voter fraud against Donald Trump. The media lied about Trump dropping out. Monmouth University just put out a rigged Presidential pole against Donald Trump this week (08/09/16)--they used 26% Republican and 35% Democrat. This is unheard of. See the ten points below on Donald Trump:

Putin Warns of World War 3 (TV video; 07/07/16)) -- Society hurdles dangerously closer to global warfare -- Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest warmongers to run in the presidential race; she supports trying to overthrow Russia, supports Islamic terrorists in the Middle East to carry out her neocon foreign policy such as destroying Libya (Benghazi; remember the murder of ambassador Christopher Stevens), Hillary Clinton facilitated an illegal arms deal to Qatar when Secretary of state and the sale of arms to Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria (a felony and there is an Pheonix, Arizona arms dealer being investigated linked with Hillary), putting missles on Russia's borders and the banks and Wall Streets' corrupt agenda (free trade). The VP choice of Tim Kaine? The VP choice of Tim Kaine? He is bought and sold by the bankers. Tim Kaine gave illegal immigrants drivers licenses so they can commit voter fraud in Virginia.

Obama Exploits Dallas Police Murders to Federalize Local Law Enforcement (07/09/16) -- Advocates unconstitutional expansion of federal government (the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a hate group, should not be advising the police).

Senator Mike DohertyNJ Gas Tax increase is a Joke and Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District) speaks out (2016) -- It is a joke to raise the gas tax and then lower the Estate Tax--it is a shell game. Even Senator Steve Oroho (24th District), who supported the gas tax (he paid $400,000 of his own money for his senate bid & receives construction union money--nothing wrong if it is promoting something honest) got the raw end of the stick from Governor Christie on Thursday where the bill is stalled; Senator Oroho got some of his proposals removed or not supported that were in this bill from the Governor according to sources. There is no valid reason for any gas increase, especially since they want to lower the Estate Tax (3% of the population would benefit)--the whole thing is a scam and only Wall Street would benefit with refinancing. The Republicans and Democrats supporting the increase of the NJ gas tax are stupid. Former Assemblywoman Donna Simon (16th District) lost the election because she listened to the nonsense of Assemblyman Jack Ciattrelli (16th District) not to speak out against the gas tax. Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District)--see Senator Doherty, Assemblyman DiMaio and Assemblyman Peterson protesting the gas tax -- has been a vocal opponent of this increase of the NJ gas tax -- it is a shell game and will hurt the middle class and poor. Note: This is a pro-union site; however, the push by construction unions to raise the NJ gas tax is dishonest. Also, all State, county, local government, Police employees (maybe with the exception of the State Police and the Railroad pension), etc. should have one pension (PERS)--PFRS was started in in 1944, but was very restricted (many LEOs had to stay in PERS because of age). They can have a tier system so if you want to retire earlier, you can have a higher deduction amount from your pay check.

Gary Johnson, who is a globalist plant.Gary Johnson is a Globalist/One-Worlder masquerading as a Libertarian (07/03/16) -- Gary Johnson is a phony and a front man for the globalists and an asshole. He falsely accuses Trump of Racism in order to smear him---Gary Johnson suppports TPP, Johnson is anti-2nd Amendment and puts non-violent people in jail for drug use. Donald Trump opposes TPP (Mr. Trump has the support of the Unions and the American working class of all races and nationalities).

Trump: The Era of Economic Surrender is Over! (Video Commentary including Russian News spokeswoman-- (06/28/16) -- Republican Donald Trump blasts Hillary Clinton for dismantling America and screwing the American worker.

Video: 16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Leftist in Epic Debate (06/16/16) -- Black Lives Matter supporter claims Trump's wife is an illegal immigrant -- dumb people.

Farrakhan: Trump is Right About Banning Muslims Because They Hate America (06/22/16) -- 'Moderate' Muslims want Sharia, not Constitutional law.

DOJ Replaces 'Allah' with 'God' in Edited Orlando Terrorist Transcript (06/21/16) --Obama protecting Islam while attacking Christianity.

Former Bill Cinton Girlfriend: Hillary and Bill are Racists (06/20/16) -- Racially profiled Latinos as drug dealers. The Daily Beast notes Clinton's Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, authored by then-Senator Joe Biden, was supported by virtually every Democrat in Congress, including then-Representative Bernie Sanders. Critics say the legislation led to the mass incarceration of black Americans.

Trump Assassination Attempt Stopped by Las Vegas Police (06/20/16) -- Suspect now in custody of the Secret Service

Hillary Clinton for PrisonPolice cancel Journalist Rally to Appease Islam (TV commentary by Alex Jones (06/16/16))

Milo Yiannopoulos event shut down by Orlando police due to possiblity of Islamic terror.

(20% of Hillary Clinton's campaign funds come from Saudi Arabia; FBI not allowed to investigate Mosques by White House--they are told to stand down; Hillary blocked the investigation of the mosque where the Orlando terrorist (Mateen) attended; Mateen's father has visted Barack Obama in the White House repeatdly; Mateen's brother- in- law runs the shipping in of Jihadi refugees and is involved in anti-Trump demonstrations; Mateen worked for a British Mercernary group, which is involved in bringing Muslim refugees into Europe and the U.S. ; Mateen was fully licensed security officer with special firearm permits and he was not on a "no fly" list and was not homegrown as president Obama stated-- see TV commentary by Alex Jones. )

Hacker Releases 'Secret' Clinton Docs from State Dept., DNC's Trump Opposition File, Donor List Thousands of alleged DNC documents leaked online (06/15/16)

MSNBC Shocked Border Residents Want Wall (06/08/16) -- Liberal journalist "Trump is right. They need to build a wall." Reporter inteviewed people on the border whether they were Hispanic, Anglo, Democrat, Republican, uncommitted, clueless and they said they want the wall.

Orlando Shooting Suspect Identified as Omar Mateen (a Muslim), Registered Democrat of Afghan Descent with Firearm License -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gave an aggressive response to the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, quickly claiming the attack was the work of an Islamist militant while calling on President Barack Obama to resign and for Democrat Hillary Clinton to exit the presidential race. See Trump says Florida massacre proves he's right on Islamist threat and Omar Mateen, Wackenhut, and the CIA -- Mateen's employer serves as a front for the CIA (06/14/16) and "We're Led by a Fool': Trump Doubles Down on Calls for Obama to Resign -- "He doesn't get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands" (06/14/16).

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen a registerd Democrat and Muslim committs terrorist act in Florida.

Mateen Associated with Former Bodyguard of CIA Operative Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman (06/12/16)

-- Orlando imam handled by CIA and FBI for 15 years.

Afghan born Omar Mateen committs an "Act of Terrorism" at the Pulse nightclub in Port St. Lucie, Florida (06/12/16)

Trump wins by biggest margins (over 1541 delegates), brushes off the Racist Judge (Gonzalo Curiel) , who belongs to La Raza--a Racist organization--that wants to take back land from the U.S., and Goes After Clinton (Video on FoxNews 06/08/16) -- Speaks about jobs and how American is being betrayed (poor and middle-class) over the trade deals. Mr. Trump is against TPP and NAFTA signed by Clinton and Mr. Trump agrees with Senator Bernie Sanders on these issues. He also put down Clinton's foreign policy of overthrowing Libya. Mr. Trump is going to fix the inner cities and help the black community.

Anti-Trump Judge is Hispanic Grand Dragon (see video,06/08/16) -- Media downplays Clinton education scandal as supremacist judge (Gonzalo Curiel) oversees Trump case. The 2011 judicial questionnaire according to the Daily Caller states that Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of the La Raza lawyers (KKK Latino hate group) in San Diego and a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Ryan and the other necons have to get their head out of their ass--the judge is a racist.

Bernies Sanders and Trump agree on the trade agreements.Video: CA Touchscreen Machine Gives Sanders Vote to Another Candidate (06/08/16) -- The shocking footage shows the person walking up to the machine and attempting to vote for Sanders two different times, with each vote being credited to a candidate named Michael Steinberg. Trump reaches out to Bernie Sander's supporters; yes, Trump agrees with Sanders on the trade issues.

US Government Intentionally Destroys 9/11 Evidence (06/06/16) --Judges and lawyers know that -- if someone intentionally destroys evidence -- he's probably trying to hide his crime. Senator Bernie Sanders agrees with Donald Trump on the Trade Issues & Sanders did vote to protect the Gun Manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits (Thumbs up for Bernie).

Video: Americans Have no Idea what Memorial Day Is (San Diegans think military holiday is about LGBT issues, Neil Armstrong, emancipation (05/30/16)) --Memorial Day: It is a federal holiday in the United States remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces. It orginated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868--it honored the graves of the Union war dead. The day was eventually extended to honor all Americans who died while in the military and is celebrated on the last Monday of May. Facebook, Twitter Banning Free Speech to Form Virtual "Superstate" (05/31/16) & NJ Should't have to cough up $1B to American Dream mega-mall by Senator Mike Doherty (23rd, NJ) posted on (06/02/16)

Meet the "White Male" Who Killed A Professor At UCLA -- The shooter was identified as 38-year-old Mainak Sarkar--06/03/16) --- He really looks white; your lying media again & Bill Kristol's Candidate (David French) Says White Working Class Communites "Deserve To Die" (It's entirely clear at this point Kristol's career is over and he just wants Hillary to win 06/02/16)) -- Two racists (Bill Kristol & David French) and oppressors of the middle class and poor who are "Jackasses" and have sold this country out.

Flags of Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard

Senator Mike Doherty speaks at a Trump event at the Lawrenceville National Guard Armory on May 19th, 2016.

Operation Nine Line: New Trails (01/27/16 - 07/02/16) -- 100% of proceeds goes to specialized needs of our military veterans accoding to Nine Line being organized by Teresa Dumschat, who works at Birchwood Farms in Newtown, PA, a seller of Raw Milk.

Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District) speaks at the Trump/Christie event at the Lawrenceville National Guard Armory in Ewing, NJ on 05/19/16. (See full video of speech of Senator Doherty & Trump (05/19/16))

Senator Doherty put down the so-called Free-Trade Agreements that have destroyed the middle-class (former President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA on 12/08/93) and the senseless wars America is involved in (Senator Doherty is an Army Veteran (West Point graduate) and his three sons are in the military). Governor Chris Christie spoke after Senator Doherty and then Donald Trump. did not cover Senator Mike Doherty (blackout) nor did they cover the important issues Donald Trump spoke about such as bringing our jobs back to the U.S. and saving SSN & Medicaid--a disgrace by They were more interested in a small group of people protesting Trump (the protestors were very ignorant and did not understand the issues) across the street and Oreo cookies. See the nonsense article by entitled Trump to Christie: 'No more Oreos for either of us' (05/20/16). It shows how controlled the mainstream media is. Watch Anti-Trump Protesters Act Embarrassingly Ignorant (see Infowars interview in NJ (05/19/16))

Trump Insider: Paul Ryan Working for Hillary, Trying to Steal RNC Money (TV interview with Roger Stone (05/09/16)) -- Bold attempt to extort money from Trump is called out for what it is. Ryan needs to be removed--he is a Globalist/One-Worlder and a promoter (with President Obama) of destructive bills against the working class, poor and Constitution. Facebook is censoring news.

The Evangelicals' Case For Trump (Pastor Carl Gallups says voting 3rd Party is voting for Hillary (05/21/16)) -- Unfortunately, you have stupid Christians such as Russell Moore (head of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethnics and Religious Liberty Commission) critizing Trump. Russell Moore, who is opposed to strong controls on immigration, sounds more like a Globalist (many so-called leaders in the Evangelical Community have been bought off by the government--see Cult Tab for further information). The country is not electing a Pastor for a church and most of the so-called Presidential candidates who claimed to be Christian promoted and passed some of the most evil & unconstitutional policies ever in the United States--yes, they were all Globalists/One-Worlders. Moore is misleading people and an idiot.

Why The Establishment wants to Destroy Trump (NWO agenda--Radio/TV interview with Dr. Cynthia McKinney on Alex Jones--04/29/16) & Report: Immigrants Receive More Welfare Than American Citizens (05/11/16) & Welfare For U.S.-Born 2/3 That Received By Immigrants (05/21/16)

Donald Trump Tells All on The Alex Jones Show (TV/Radio Interview 12/02/15) & RightSide--See Donald Trump's Live Speeches (TV-Video) & Exclusive: Koch-Soros Insiders Attempt to Take Over Trump Campaign (05/05/16) -- Establishment in last ditch effort to co-opt New York billionaire & Alex Jones: Glenn Beck on Fire with Evil (TV--05/06/16) --Globalist sellout talk show host is completely losing control of his empire (other Globalists/One-Worlders: Mark Levin, House Speaker Paul Ryan (needs to resign), Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Bushes, Mitt Romney, Senator Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Paul Singer, Koch Brothers, George Soros and so on).

Trump Takes Indiana in Landslide Victory, Ted Cruz Out (TV speech--05/03/16) --- Republican frontrunner inches closer to presidential nomination

Senator Mike Doherty speaks in Edison, NJ on May 3rd, 2016 at the opening of the Trump headquarters in Edison, NJ

Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District, NJ) makes passionate speech for the opening of the Trump headquarters in Edison, NJ on May 3rd, 2016.

Senator Mike Doherty spoke on many important subjects affecting this country such as the destructive so-called free trade agreements (NAFTA and TPP as examples) that have decimated the working class and poor. Senator Doherty, who served in the Army for 8 years (West Point graduate), also addressed NATO--our allies are not paying their fair share and our open borders. Senator Doherty also praised Governor Chris Christie that could be the next U.S. Attorney General (his first case could be to put Hillary Clinton in an orange suit). Congressman Leonard Lance finally endorses Donald Trump--see Lance Endorses Trump for President.

Senator Kip Bateman, 16th District, NJUnfortunately, you have Neocon Republicans that do not belong in the Republican party such as former Governor Christine Todd Whitman (a Globalist/One-Worlder). Senator Kip Batman (16th District, NJ/a nice guy) has not endorsed Donald Trump--what does Senator Batman mean by "acting presidential"? Does this mean to act presidential you must do the following 1. kill soldiers in worthless wars (such as Iraq); 2. Hillary Clinton's 09/11/2012 Benghazi attack that she allowed and resulted in U.S. citizens' deaths and the Islamic militants (funded by the White house & allies) overthrowing Libya; 3. promoting free trade polices (NAFTA, TPP) that destroy the middle class and poor and eviserate our constitution; 4. Funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda; 5. the U.S. overthrowing Ukraine and lie to the American people and so on--is this what Batman means by acting Presidential? See Bateman: To Get Support , Trump Should Act (05/04/16) --Bateman should have some backbone and should not be taking positions like Kasich (who voted for NAFTA, but is a nice guy).

Senator Bateman and Assemblyman Jack Ciatterelli (who is taking credit for his school plan that he took from Senator Mike Doherty's "Fair School Funding"; this is not his idea) have taken some correct positions, but have also taken wrong positions for this State, country, Hunterdon County and the Republican Party. The Truth is more important to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, not being a smooth and politically correct talker--these are some of the most evil people.

Steve Lonegan, GlobalistNote: People like Steve Lonegan, who was on 920AM radio in NJ (05/05/16) cursing Trump, are controlled by the globalists. They are phony. The Koch brothers are globalists and fund many of the false "conservative" movements in this country and New Jersey. You will never hear Lonegan condemn the free-trade deals such as TPP, NAFTA, the Federal Reserve, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and so on. He cannot do it. Americans for Prosperty (a front for the globalists) is funded by the Koch Brothers (who are globalists)--see Exclusive: Koch-Soros Insiders Attempt to Take Over Trump Campaign (05/05/16) -- Establishment in last ditch effort to co-opt New York billionaire

Donald Trump/ 'I only care about the First Ballot...We're not Going to a Second' Ballot (04/25/16) & Trump Wins All 5 Republican Presidential Primaries (04/26/16)

Alex Jones: TV Interview of Dr. Steve Pieczenik (scroll to 1:48 Minutes on YouTube), Roger Stone, Larry Nichols (04/21/16) & Donald Trump Releases Video: An Emergency Warning to the American People (04/21/16) & Will The Architects of 9/11 Be Punished? (TV-04/22/16) & Kasich (Soros funded), Cruz (traitors to this country and are both Globalists/One-Worlders, who support TPP and NAFTA) Announce Strategic Alliance to Stop Donald Trump --unfortunately, you have dumb Evangelicals and conservatives voting for these two traitors (04/24/16)

Congressman Leonard Lance -NJ 7th DistrictDon't Let the 43 Republicans Who Voted for Obama's Transgender Agenda Spin Their Vote (05/27/16) -- Congressman Leonard Lance voted for this wicked bill known as the Maloney amendment, which ratified Obama's 2014 executive order barring private businesses who do contract work for the government from engaging in what the government considers "discrimination" on the basis of "sexual orientation and gender identity" in their private employment practices. For example, New York City is now fining people up to $250,000 for "gender identity" "discrimination" if they us the wrong pronoun. Also, if an adoption agency prefers a father and mother this could be discrimination. Sick bastards that will face a fierce "judgment" from God.

Why The Globalists Need Hillary Win -- Full Show (TV-04/26/16) -- The establishment's last hope is in a ciminal psychopath with low public approval.

Special Report: Was Prince Murdered by Evil Record Executives? (TV--04/23/16)--yes, Prince listened to the Alex Jones show and wanted to go on.

Willey Mortgage Trust Fund --Kathleen Willey, an active Virginia Democrat, served as a volunteer in the Clinton White House Office. She alleges that she was sexually assualted by President Bill Clinton. She needs help -- she is about to loose her house.


Vaccine Liberation ArmyNational Vaccine Information Center

Hunterdon County Division of Public Health is promoting "Help Celebrate National Infant Immuniztion Week" on April 16-23, 2016 (we need "Save our Children: Anti-Vaccination Week"). This is unfortunate that the public Health Division in Hunterdon County is promoting the pharmceutical industry's position on harmful childhood vaccinations that is also linked to Autism. The Hunterdon County Freeholders should take a stand against vaccinations--many MDs in Hunterdon County (many MDs in Hunterdon County are part of the "Hunterdon Health Care System" (comprised of the Hunterdon Medical Center, Hunterdon Medical Center Foundation, Hunterdon Regional Community Health, Hunterdon Healthcare Partners LLC, and the Midjersey Health Corporation) and are really employees of the hospital) do not believe in Vaccinations, but are pressured by the hospital, medical establishment and pharmacies to keep quite or be fired--this was alleged by medical doctors who do not want to be named (see Whole Health Tab). Ask the hospital if a medical doctor affliated with them can have a website against vaccinations (see 50 Signs that the U.S. Health Care System is a Gigantic Money Making Scam)--the health care industry is dominated by government bureaucrats, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical coporations; look at the dangerous antidepressant drugs pushed on children and adults. Aso, the DPS should be under the Sheriff's Office.

Report: Blacks Banned From Voting in Four States (TV commentary 04/11/16) --Will the Republican elite get away with openly stealing the election? They do not want black and white people voting for Trump. Donald Trump Tells All on The Alex Jones Show (TV/Radio Interview 12/02/15) & RightSide--See Donald Trump's Live Speeches (TV-Video) & Donald Trump vs The Mainstream Media (TV-03/13/16) --many Spanish and Black Americans support Donald Trump because he is a man of integrity and will bring jobs back to the U.S.A. & save SSN. Was Cruz's Father Linked to The JFK Assassination?--Cuban hired by Lee Harvey Oswald bears a striking resemblance to Cruz (04/15/16). Donald Trump agrees with Bernie Sanders: Hillary is not qualified to be president (04/23/16).

The GOP Gestapo

GOP Gestapo

Colorado Republicans Passed Around "Resolution To Deny Trump Delegates" Back on March 22 (04/13/16) --The anti-Trump politicians were passing around a "Resolution to Forbid Colorado Delegates from Voting for Trump" for weeks before the convention. The RNC chairman Reince Priebus and the GOP Gestapo establishment in Colorado (that includes Lying Ted Cruz) should be arrested for conspiracy to undermine the election and Civil Rights violation--the 1965 Voter election laws passed make this illegal; they are receiving Federal and State money.

GOP Insider Invoke Jim Crow-Style Discrimination to Stop Trump Voters (04/11/16) --Similar to Jim Crow era, GOP excludes thousands of voters from Colorado. & "Gestapo Tactics" Rule Primary Process (04/11/16) -- 2016 race reveals how party appartchiks control elections

Trump Ballot Security Project --Please support Trump for this project; voter fraud has occurred against Donald Trump by the Globalists/One-World Bastards in the Republican Party. States involved in voter fraud against Trump: Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin. etc.

Easter Eggs

Operation Nine Line: New Trails (01/27/16 - 07/02/16) -- 100% of proceeds goes to specialized needs of our military veterans accoding to Nine Line being organized by Teresa Dumschat, who works at Birchwood Farms in Newtown, PA,a seller of Raw Milk.

Willey Mortgage Trust Fund --Kathleen Willey, an active Virginia Democrat, served as a volunteer in the Clinton White House Office. She alleges that she was sexually assualted by President Bill Clinton. She needs help -- she is about to loose her house.

The Plan to Stop the GOP Election Steal Revealed (04/06/16) --Roger Stone discusses a plan to hold a peaceful, non-violent protest at the RNC Cleveland --it is unfortunate that the RNC chairman and many members in the Republican Party are Fascists/Globalists and do not believe in the Constitution or people's choice in an election. Cruz is being used by his own establishment--he is delusional if he thinks they will give him the nomination.

Soros And Ford Foundation Behind the Panama Papers (04/05/16) -- Financial elite hijack investigative journalism to attack Putin

Trump Campaign Calls Ted Cruz A 'Trojan Horse' after Wisconsin Loss

Trump Best Pro-Gun Candidate, Says Gun Store Owner Harassed By DOJ (03/31/16) --"It's time for the People to stand."

'Autism' Reported as Vaccine Side Effect, FDA Insert Shows (03/31/16) --Discontinued vaccine contained thimerosal, aluminum and formaldehyde

Video: Some Cultures Are Better Than Others (03/31/16) --The west is the best

Trump Soars in Latest Poll -- Cruz Most Unpopular - #Nevertrump Crowd Hurt the Most (03/22/16) --Now leads with 46% support nationally.

Ted Cruz sex scandal.

Ted Cruz Dodges Question About Whether He's 'Always Been Faithful' To His Wife (03/29/16) --Cruz Stood silently. By the way, Donald Trump had noting to do with this story. However, a super pac, supporting lying Cruz, released negative pictures of Donald Trump's wife.

CIA emblem

Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: "We All Lie for The CIA" (03/29/16) --"I've been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public."

Andrew Jackson: Trump of the 19th Century (President Jackson was also stripped of an election victory) --TV--03/27/16

Meet South Carolina's Anti-Trump Double Agents (03/26/16) -- Cruz and Kasich are two Globalist Jackasses in America and they are not Christian or Republican. Cruz is pushing for
TPP and would not vote to audit the Fed. Some people are just dump.

Pastor James Manning, Harlem, NYC and is a supporter of Donald Trump (TV interview--03/24/16) --Cruz is a phony.

'She is a Bush Operative': Trump Campaign Spokeswoman 'Spills Beans' on Heidi Cruz (03/26/16) --"Her entire career has been spend working against everything Ted Cruz says that he stands for". A Super Pac that supports Cruz put out deregatory pictures of Trumps' wife 20 years ago in AZ. Cruz is a lying scumbag. Evangelicals better pull their head out of the sand.

Arizona Primary (Trump Wins Big) 03/23/16 --Jeb Bush (a Globalist and One Worlder) endorses Lying Cruz (a Globalist and One Worlder). It is sad to see Utah misled by Cruz and Beck, who are Globalists masquarading as conservatives and the stupidity of the people in Utah. Trump is A Direct Threat To Establishment Power (TV--03/23/16)

Glenn Beck And Ted Cruz The Master of Lies

The lack of discernment by Christians (Matt. 13:15). Quote from Kelleigh Nelson (NewsWithViews): ..."How sad it is today that so much of the church has lost her salt and light. If they knew God's Word, they'd know an imposter when they saw one. Instead of truth and substance, today's church gives you entertainment like Rock & Roll music and do the Boogie-Woogie every Sunday while America is burning down. That's why so many are still believing in the likes of Ted Cruz and his crazy buddies, David Barton and Glenn Beck" ...Remember when Cruz said his wife, Heidi, was the lone dissenter at the Council on Foreign Relations when the CFR Task Force was writing the North American Union? Right Teddy, but her written statement belies that tale. On page 33-34 of the Task Force's report, Heidi writes, "I support the Task Force report and its recommendations aimed at building a safer and more prosperous North America"...

Ted Cruz Joins Soros Group in Trump Attack

An excerpt from Kelleigh Nelson (NewsWithViews): "

Who Owns What?

The GOP establishment, the DNC establishment, the MSM establishment, and the anarchists from Soros’ leftist organizations all hate Trump, but even the web outlets we believe give us the truth have questionable ownership.

Robert Mercer

Billionaire Robert Mercer founded Cruz’s super Pac for $10 million, but he also purchased for another $11 million. [Link] Mercer has given $750,000 to the infamous Club for Growth (CfG). In my article, Why The GOP Establishment Hates Donald Trump, I exposed CfG partners and allies include the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Peterson is chairman emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and former chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Another ally is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who is so behind the invasion of illegal aliens on our southern borders.

Mercer has also given $2 million to American Crossroads, founded by that stellar neo-conservative commie, Karl Rove. Mercer was/is the originating financial backer for theTed Cruz "keep the Promise” (KtP1, KtP2 and KtP3) Super-PACs. Mercer is also the financial backing behind Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica is the receiver of the contact information provided to Breitbart when you participate in their on-line Presidential Poll. [Link] They were hired by Cruz as his spy machine on voter attributes via Facebook.

Wilks Brothers

The Daily Wire is actually owned by the Wilks brothers, Levi and Farris Wilks. These two are the other end of the Ted Cruz financial team, and massive multi-million dollar donors to Cruz’s presidential bid. Ben Shapiro is the front-man for The Daily Wire, and as such he is 1000% behind Cruz.

As 2015 came to a close, Ted Cruz met with hundreds of promonient faith leaders (including David Barton, James Robison, and John Hagee) at the ranch of Texas tycoon, Farris Wilks. Wilks supports most of the phony rightwing groups in the secretive Council for National Policy."...

Sean Hannity: If GOP Elites Steal Nomination From Trump or Cruz, "I'M Walking" (Video)

Infowars Featured In New Trump Campaign Video (03/16/16) --Footage shows anti-Trump violence. Hillary-Soros funded groups.

How the GOP Elite Plan to Rob Donald Trump (03/17/16) -- Cleveland, ladies and gentlemen, won't be for the faint of heart.

Democratic Spring To Crush Free Speech (03/17/16) -- Authoritarian left attempts to censor all opposing views.

Trump Wins Big, Takes Florida, Illinois, N. Carolina, Missouri (03/16/16) --Business magnate pulls out devastating upset for establishment. (Ted Cruz (some good votes in the Senate, but close ties to the Bushes and CFR) and John Kasich (voted yes for NAFTA & worked for Lehman Brothers, Globlist) )need to drop out--they are the two biggest "Deceivers" running in the Republican primary--both are Globalists and have sold out the country). Now if Ted Cruz supports Donald Trump, then we will change our opinion of him. Video: Trump 'Supporter' Agitator Exposed As Democratic Operative (03/16/16) -- Who is this Guy?

Dr. Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump, Praises His 'Guts & Energy'

Phylis Schalfy: Trump Only Hope To Beat The Kingmakers--TV interview 2016

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich
sided with Bill Ayers, Black Lives Matter, Communists and violent far left protesters--as a result, Ted Cruz loses law enforcement endorsement & conservatives (Bush Crime Member Joins Team Cruz (TV--latest addition to Cruz campaign questionable at best) & Glenn Beck Has Another Huge Meltdown (Beck seems to be spiraling out of control--another lying bastard and a false Constutionalist & Globalist/One Worlder)

How Deep Is The Bush Cruz Rabbit Hole? (TV--03/11/16) -- Roger Stone gives inside scoop on the Cruz and Bush connection. Kasich voted for NAFTA as Congressman in 1993--yes, he is anti-working class and a so-called Free Trader and supports The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and is for Amnesty. As a result, Ohio is loosing jobs. Kick this fraud, Kasich, out of Ohio and the race. Kasich was also Managing Director of Lehamn Brothers that almost destroyed the whole economy. (Club for Growth tried to extort Trump for a million dollars according to Trump--Trump told them to go to hell and he is not giving them a million dollars and so they are taking out false ads.) Here's Who was Really Behind Trump Chicago Protest (03/13/16) -- The mask has fallen off the radical lefttists who organized the assassination of free speech at Friday's scheduled Donald Trump rally in Chicago & Jeff Sessions To GOP: Time To Unite Behind Trump, Beat Hillary -- "Now is the time for GOP to embrace this opportunity to win..."

Bush and Cruz-both bad people

Neil Bush and lying Ted Cruz working together (Both Neocons)

Roger Stone: Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name (03/10/16) -- Cruz and his establishment puppet masters are engaged in an aggressive strategy against Trump. Neil Bush, the son of President George H. W. Bush, who defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in the savings and loan scam, and later peddled influence for the chinese government, (who plied him with Chinese prostitutes) has formally endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president. You can't make this stuff up.

Comment from the President of NJIAT: I never met so many misinformed Christians and so-called conservatives who think Cruz is one of them. Cruz is a Globalist/Neocon and is a Bush operative and all the candidates (Rubio, Kasich, Cruz) met with the Bushes and other powerful people this week to conspire against him (Trump). Yes, Cruz is a fraud and liar. See expose on the other candidates: Marco Rubio a Neocon, CFR endorsed (TV) & Ted Cruz a Neocon, Bush Operative, War Monger (Michael Savage un-endorses Ted Cruz: "You are a neocon"(TV) & Michael Savage: Cruz (Ted Cruz is "finished" after visiting border with Glenn Beck, who is a fraud) (TV) & Michael Savage: Rush Limbaugh "owned by the Repubican Party" (TV) & Few Choice Words for Mark Levin (Neocon) and national Review's Elmer Gantry's & Michael Savage: Mark Levin is a "fraud", "Phony lawyer"

Trump Whips Up Raucous Crowd in Warren (Detroit's Fox Theatre) with Auto Talk (TV Fox10 NewsNow) -- 03/04/16 --

"The car business is being abused more than most other businesses. ... Mexico is becoming the new China". See Trumps long speech in Michigan and he will keep Ford in the United States--Trump will not allow Ford to move to Mexico. Trump will unify African-Americans and Whites.

Trump Calls For GOP Establishment to "Come Together" Behind Him (03/09/16) -- "I'am a unifer. I get along with people."

Sanders Upsets Clinton in Michigan; Donald Trump Wins Big (3 States: Michigan, Mississippi & Hawaii-- see TV speech on Fox News--03/09/16)

Bush's Brother Backs Cruz as Rubio Fights on in Florida (03/09/16) -- Neil's banking, savings and loan company was sued in 1990 by the FDIC (Remember: Could Ted Cruz be a Bush Operative?; Ted Cruz's Ties to Bush Family Revealed)

Judge Jeanine Pirro (TV commentary on Fox News) There's an Insurrection Coming...The American People Are Sick & Tired of Crony Capitalism"(03/07/16) --Fox News' Judge Jeanine unleashed anchor hell upon Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment hordes

Ted Cruz, CIA and a Globalist.

The Men Behind Ted Cruz: Neocons And A CIA Propagandist (02/04/16) --Remarkably, more than a few Republicans believe this guy is a libertarian & Ted Cruz's Ties to Bush Family Revealed. Cruz was put in to fool the Evangelicals--this is what the Globalists do and now Bush's brother is working for him.

Comment on the Republican Election: Only Donald Trump would beat a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz is an operative for the Bush family (see Ted Cruz's Ties to Bush Family Revealed) and would not beat Clinton or Bernie. It is unfortunate you have some stupid Evangelicals thinking this guy (Cruz) is some kind of anti-establishment person and dedicated Christian--the guy lies and is a neocon masquarding as a libertarian (seeThe Men Behind Ted Cruz: Neocons And A CIA Propagandist (02/04/16). Donald Trump is not a Globalist/One Worlder and would seal the borders and bring jobs back; this is not the case with Ted Cruz--his wife was a CFR member and works for Goldman Sachs. Some ministers, conservatives, libertarians, and moderates need to pull their head out of their "Butt" and smell the coffee.
Comment on the Democratic Election: Bernie Sanders is the 1% --Clueless masses flock to socialist nightmare; yes, the Nazis were socialists--NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers' Party. Hitler was a socialist. Myth Busted: Acutally, Yes, Hitler was a Socialist Liberal. It is the 6,000 (.00000084210526%) people that control 60% of the wealth--it is not the 1% as Bernie stated because he is the 1%. Bernie Sanders gets Endorsement from Soros' Moveon (the ultra rich going after the middle class). Supposed outsider candidate (Sanders) embraced by establishment Democrats as Clinton slides in polls. However, Mr. Trump and Senator Sanders might agree on some issues (so-called free trade agreements are bad for this country), but Sanders is racing towards Communism/Fascism that will result in poverty, no rights and destruction--we already have somewhat of a Fascist system, not a Capitalist system (this is how the liberal elite trick people). Buffet, GE, etc. are exempt from taxes and Clinton & Bernie supporters. It is unfortunate that Sanders sides with the warmongers in Congress--not Trump. (Bernie Sanders a Bum who Didn't Earn His First Steady Paycheck until Age 40 then wormed his way into politics?) Is Sanders better than Hillary Clinton? Yes.

Trump Wins Louisiana And Kentucky (03/06/16) --

Donald Trump won the Louisiana Republican primary last night. The State controlled media is making misleading statements that CIA Propagandist Ted Cruz is leading a come back (see Ted Cruz's Ties to Bush Family Revealed and his wife's connections). (Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, served as an economic advisor for the Bush Administration and a Goldman Sachs vice president in Houston, Texas and Heidi is "an expert on North American trade". Yes, Heidi is savvy when it come to globalist transnational trade deals like NAFTA that has screwed the American workers. Heidi is also a Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) member.) Kansas is a caucus which means that fewer people vote (72,253 voted in the primary and you have 2,911,641 million people in Kansas--2015 census? Cruz receives 35,207 votes; What a joke--When Trump wins, he gets over a half-million people in a straight primary) because they make it very difficult to do so. If is was a straight primary, Trump probably would have won; however, Trump did receive delegates for second place. States should not have Caucuses, and all States should be uniform and that includes having the same reliable/verifiable voting machines like New Jersey. It is a Civil Rights issue.

Senator Mike DohertySenator Mike Doherty: Republican Attacks on Governor Christie a Feint for Trump Opposition (03/03/16) --

Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) rebukes fellow Republicans for criticizing Governor Chris Christie for endorsing Trump and says many of the Republicans in NJ should be ashamed of themselves. Senators Jennifer Beck and Jack Ciattarelli (16th District Assemblyman and Fascist) calling for Governor Christie's resignation and former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman saying that she would sooner vote for Hillary Clinton is absurd and a disgrace. They are Globalists, One Worlders and Fascist in their ideology (oppress the poor and the middle class) and need to be kicked out of the Republican Party. The big turn out in the Republican primaries is a result of a "wholesale rejection of trade policies that have lead to a lower standard of living for American people and middle class working families” according to Senator Doherty. Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) described Clinton as only a shade bluer than Republicans’ ideal candidate. Governor Christie and Senator Doherty keep up the good fight and keep coming out stronger for Donald Trump.

Neocons Pen Open Letter Declaring War On Donald Trump (3/02/16) --

"GOP national security leaders" say they will vote for Clinton--Michael Chertoff, Max Boot (a CFR member), Eric Edelman and Robert Kagan (the 4 jackasses that have sold out the country and make money off the so-called war on terror that resulted in a Homeland Security apparatus that has taken away/decimated American citizens' rights--these four (4) jerks have never heard of "Just War" theory because it is Biblical and they are God haters). Note: Mitt Romney is the real phony, a fraud and a Globalist, not Mr. Trump who stands for honesty and integrity--Romney is a piece of garbage).

Insider Roger Stone Breaks Down Establishment's War Against Donald Trump (TV Interview--02/27/16)--"It's very clear to me that the establishment now is going after Donald Trump with an axe" (Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are a disgrace to this country and the Republican Party--they have betrayed this country and God. Romney is also a Globalist and sellout--they call themselves "GOP nation security leaders". What a joke.)

Trump's Lead Exploding Ahead of Super Tuesday (02/29/16) -- Every time Fox News, Rubio attack Trump, Trump's lead grows. Mr. Trump gets along with all people and all races--Mr. Trump does not discriminate. Many of the hate groups in America are run by the government.

Insider Reveals Koch Brothers Plans to Stop Trump (TV interview of Roger Stone ( by Alex Jones (02/28/16) -- Roger talks about the Koch Brothers and their billionaire friends' ambitions coming out against Trump. Rubio is a nice guy, but a Neocon and a Globalist groomed by them and the Bushes.

Breaking: Insider Leaks Koch Bros, Rubio Plan to Stop Trump: Bombshell: Roger Stone reveals establishment using Mitt Romney as Plan B if Rubio fails! (TV-02/27/16) --these are evil people condemned from the foundation of the world. Romney is a Gobalist/One Worlder--it was alleged that Romney did attend a Bilderberg meeting (started in 1954 and is similiar to the Council on Foreign Relations--CFR) and (according to allegations) told him not to try to win against Obama in 2012.

Here's Proof Trump Can Win Presidency (02/10/16) -- Why he can realistically become next president. Mr. Trump is for the working class & country & Political Science Professor: Trump Has 97-99% Chance of Becoming President --Statistical model accurately predicted Clinton, Bush & Obama victories (02/25/16) & Leaked: New Republican Plan to Destroy Trump -- establishment readies new attack against presidential frontrunner (TV-02/25/16) --Fox News owner Murdock, a CFR member and supporter of Hillary Clinton, will use his organization to try to destroy Mr. Donald Trump. Globalists/One Worlders such as former Gov. Rick Perry and Romney are promoting the talking points to try to smear Mr. Trump, which are false.Why are dummy so-called conservatives supporting Fox News? Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are very close to the Bush family--operatives?

The Center for Responsive Politics & Federal Election Commission gives a breakdown of candidates taking contributions from the Pharmaceutical/Health Products industry. The largest 5 takers : Hillary Clinton (D) $336,416; Jeb Bush (R) $152,350; Marco Rubio (R) $133,638; Chris Christie (R) $95,350; Ted Cruz (R) $87,364; and Bernies Sanders (D) $44,242. Hillary Clinton also supports GMOs & Monsanto. This is why we need Donald Trump as President. Note: Ted Cruz would did not show up to vote "Yes" to Audit the Federal Reserve (owned by the banks) and Bernie Sanders would not audit the Federal Reserve in 2010 (Sanders killed Ron Paul's bill in Congress). Cruz and Sanders are not what they appear to be. Sanders did vote for the audit this year--the only Democrat to do so.

Breaking: Governor Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President (02/26/16) --we do have to congratulate Governor Chris Christie for endorsing Trump--we did not think he would do it. Thumbs up!

"Hillary and Bill Clinton do not want Donald Trump on stage come next September & Trump says to Governor Christie "time to go home" and take care of business in NJ. Mr. Donald Trump has to be very careful on who Governor Christie recommends/picks as delegates--some might not be people who support Trump and would betray Mr. Trump in a heart beat; most of the Republican NJ State Senators do not support Mr. Trump because they are Rockefeller/Globalist Republicans. The only real patriot New Jersey State Senator supporting Mr. Trump is Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District). Most of your Republican County Committee Chairmanships are lobbyists or lawyers or both and are afraid to speak up against Governor Christie and care less about real issues--it is about the business deal. The same can be said of the Democratic party. This is a time when Governor Christie did the right thing and told the establishment Republicans to shove it.

Donald Trump wins by a Landslide in Nevada (02/24/16) --46% of the vote. Glenn Beck, a pawn of the Globalists, trys to rescue Ted Cruz that only got 21% (third place)--Rubio got $23% (second place). Glenn Beck stated, according to Infowars, that he would vote for Bernie Sanders instead of Donald Trump. The NRA should kick the "Asshead" (Glenn Beck) from their membership.

Trump wins big in SC primary as Bush bows out; Clinton edges Sanders in Nev. (02/20/16) --we have a 58 billion trade deficit with Mexico. He loves the Spanish and Chinese people, not happy with the government leaders of these countries. We will bring our jobs back.

Donald Trump (R) wins South Carolina and Hillary Clinton (D) wins Nevada (02/20/16)

Obama's Department of Justice lies about Apple and to the U.S. Citizens and to Trump --the FBI can access the codes for the Apple iphone. They should not have the codes for everyone, which will destroy the company and people's privacy.

Hillary Clinton Is Rolling in Big Cash from Her 'Big Enemy' -- Big Pharma (02/21/16)

Trump: 'I would Be So Angry' At Obama If I were Black (TV-02/20/16) -- I will do more for the African-Americans in one year than President Obama has done in the last 8 years. Obama as increased unemployement in the black community to 60%. Black youth (25-40) it is even higher. Trump stated he will unite people, not divide them.

Pope Francis Says Donald Trump Is 'Not Christian' (02/18/16) --

The Pope (a Globalist/One-Worlder--for further information on the Pope, see The Truth about the Pope Francis & Dumb Evangelicals Praising him) has a lot of nerve to say this about Mr. Trump--Mr. Trump considers himself a Christian. This statement is coming from an Anti-Christ Pope and his buddy President Obama, who is another God-Hater. Amazing. This is why the Globalists/One-Worlders love the Pope (see the Book of Revelation on what it says about One-Worlders and those who submit to the Beast and anti-Christ--they are condemned from the foundation of the world). The State controlled media loves the Pope. Glenn Beck states that God brought about Scalia's death so Americans can vote for Cruz (Beck's buddy who is a liar)? Cruz is just put in the race to take votes away from Trump--Cruz is a Globalist who worked for the Bushes and his wife. In the Nevada primary the establishment Republicans will try a fast one because it is a Caucus vote--there pick is Rubio. What a stupid statement by Glenn Beck. Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District, NJ, who is Roman Catholic) tells the Pope to stay out of politics and let him take down the 200 foot Vatican Wall and remove his Swiss guards.

Wow! Trump Invites Supporters on Stage for Handling Protestor -- Crown Erupts when one sayes He's a Veteran! (Video) 02/17/16

Video: 1,400 Factory Workers Realize they're Losing their Jobs to Mexico (02/12/16) --

Carrier Air Conditioning tells its employees the company is moving to Mexico. Mr. Donald Trump in the South Carolina (SC) debate on Saturday (02/13/16) said he would put a stop to the relocation to Mexico of Carrier Air Conditioning real fast as President. Cruz (a liar, Globalist), Rubio (Globalist, liberal), Bush (who would like to Moon everyone, Globalist), Kasich (trying to play it cool, Globalist) would do nothing because they are Globalists/One Worlders and against the country, working class & God.

Justice Scalia

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (1936 -- 2016)--appointed by President Reagan

Democrats in Senate passed a resolution in 1960 against election year Supreme Court appointments (02/15/16) & Did Obama Have Scalia Killed? (TV commentary) & Former Intel Officer Suspects Foul Play Death of Antonin Scalia

Tell Senator Mitch McConnel (U.S. majority Senate leader) by e-mail or phone to stick to his guns and block any nominee presented by President Obama. The resolution that was passed by Democrats: S.RES. 334. All the GOP candidates, except Bush, are against any appointments accept after the election. Mr. Trump said to delay it, which was done to Republican Presidents by Democrats. The passing away of Justice Antonin Scalia is a real loss to this country. If they (Republicans) do not block appointment, they will loose all support--the end of the party. The bigger picture: it would be a loss to all people (all races) in the U.S. of their rights. Urgent Calls Begin For Scalia Autopsy (02/15/16) --Rush to 'natural causes' conclusion critized. Pillow on his head? Why did Scalia go to this place in Texas without his security detail? Scalia was Found Dead with a Pillow on His Face --"We descovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head," says ranch owner.

Bernie Sanders is the 1% --Clueless masses flock to socialist nightmare; yes, the Nazis were socialists--NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers' Party. The ultra rich going after the middle class. Hitler was a socialist. Myth Busted: Acutally, Yes, Hitler was a Socialist Liberal. It is the 6,000 people that control 60% of the wealth--it is not the 1% as Bernie stated because he is the 1%. Bernie Sanders gets Endorsement from Soros' Moveon -- Supposed outsider candidate embraced by establishment Democrats as Clinton slides in polls.

Trump Tells the Truth About Interventionism (02/12/16) -- Opposes endless war supported by Clinton, Rubio and Cruz (TV interview on CBS This Morning). Clinton, Rubio and Cruz are warmongers--they support wars that kill Christians.

Trump , Sanders win New Hampshire--and 2016 battle moves south west (02/09/16) -- a huge win for Donald Trump (34%); the 2nd candidate only got 15%. A major upset for the establishment/Globalists' candidates such as Cruz, Rubio, Bush, etc.

Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA on February 6-14th, 2016.

Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA (Feb. 6-14, 2016) The mayor of Harrisburg, PA wanted an exorbitant price to police the area ($250,0000)--NRA said "No". They should contact the Sheriff's Office (Dauphin County, PA Sheriff's Office--the Sheriff is Nicholas Chimienti, Jr.). and Sheriff Chimienti should have a Deputy Reserve program like the Pittsuburgh, PA Sheriff--see Allegheny County Sheriff's Office in Pennsylvania located in Pittsburgh, PA. They have a volunteer Uniform Reserve program or Deputy Reserve Program and are authorized under Title 18 with full arresting power in addition to their full-time Sheriff's Officers. Also, see Police/Sportsmen Tab on the Sheriff's Office and how important the office is for Civil Rights and reducing law enforcement costs

Philadelphia, Pa seal.

Auto Show, Philadelphia, PA Jan. 30 -- Feb. 7, 2016

Lew Rockwell: The Truth About Trump (02/06/16) --Top libertarian talks about Trump and the rise of populism, the cashless society and martial law. Yes, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the real thing and the Neocons/Globalists hate both of them. Only Donald Trump can make the changes needed and has the courage and personality to do it.

Must Watch: Infowars Reporter Calls Out Rubio on TPP Support (02/06/16) -- Rubio squirms when faced with truth


Video: Trump Bashes Cruz Camp's 'Dishonest" Dirty Tricks Against Ben Carson--Sue His Ass Off! -- Carson said the Cruz camp told voters Carson was dropping out and to support Ted Cruz. Palin Slams Cruz Campaign 'Lies' (02/03/16) -- Former gov. calls out Cruz's campaign chairman for lying about Ben Carson.

[(Trump: Cruz A 'Hypocrite' On Bank Loans (01/17/16) --"He is totally controlled lock, stock and barrel by Citibank and by Goldman Sachs"]

Ted Cruz is a liar--he put out four false tweets stating that Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out of the race and told another lie against Donald Trump that he was for Obamacare. Donald Trump has been against Obamacare and has stated it thousands of times and he also was against the Iraq war. There is possible fraud with both Rubio's (a Globalist, open borders, free trader--ship jobs overseas) numbers and Hillary's (a Globalist, open borders, free trader--ship jobs overseas) numbers. Bernie Sanders should have had no problem winning the Iowa Democratic primary and Marco Rubio going from 12% to 23%? Give us a break. Election Fraud! Microsoft is a a big financial contributor to Hillary Clinton (D) and Marco Rubio (D) and provided the technology to count the votes of the Iowas caucus-goers and Sen. Bernie Sander (I-VT) has stated this is a conflict of interest.

Who is the Real Ted Cruz? Excerpt from The Stonezone,

...Also conveniently missing from Heidi's Wikipedia bio is her service as Deputy U.S. Trade Representative to USTR head Robert Zoellick. At USTR Heidi worked on U.S.-China trade policy- the one Donald Trump talks about so much.

And Chad Sweet, Ted Cruz's campaign chairman, is a former CIA officer. Michael Chertoff, George W. Bush's former Secretary of Homeland Security, hired Sweet from Goldman Sachs to restructure and optimize the flow of information between the CIA, FBI and other members of the national security community and DHS. Chertoff and Sweet co-founded the Chertoff Group upon leaving the administration.

A known tactic of the intelligence community is the use of strategic communications as a "soft power" weapon against it adversaries -- the creation of false narratives by the effective use of all media -- social, digital, newspaper, print, etc. Combined with denial and deception, it can be a potent force. Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are abetting this.

Despite his ability to lie with a straight face (sadly Nixonian) on his support for amnesty and TPP, he got nailed by Senator Marco Rubio on the debate. Acting like a prick in the U.S. Senate was the core of Ted's disciplined effort to bury his old school ties and reinvent himself as a modern-day Jesse Helms and supposed Conservative outsider. It's a ruse...

Rubio's coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties

Dr.Robert A Morey_Photo.jpgWhat the Bible Teaches on Self-Defense

"When Is It Right To Fight" by Dr. Robert A. Morey on "RemnantXRadio--Refuting the Pacifists" with Worley And Bowling. The book entitled "In His Steps" is an unbiblical book that feminized Christianity according to Dr. Bob Morey. Go directly to Dr. Bob Morey's Faith Defenders' website for audio interview on When Is It Right to Fight.

The book entitled "In His Steps" by Charles Monroe Sheldon in 1896 took an unbiblical position on defending yourself that also contributed to a feminized Protestant Christianity in America. This is why the Irish Catholics filled the police departments because the Protestant men became brainwashed by this teaching--it is not Christian to be a policeman, military soldier or have a gun at home to defend your family! Let your wife be raped--what a husband! All Christians should have rifles (semi-automatic) and handguns at home and should obtain a "concealed carry license". See Right to Carry and Police/Sportsmen tab on this website.

Note: There was a recent article published by The Washington Post entitled John Piper: Why I disagree with Jerry Falwell Jr. (12/23/15) that twists Scriptural passages out of context and violates every Hermeneutical principle. Unfortunately, John Piper is post-evangelical and has embraced liberal doctrines--he is an idiot. John Piper's position/doctrine left the Holocaust of the Jews and now wants Christians to walk into the ovens for their Holocaust by not defending themselves. Also, read another misguided and ignorant so-called Evangelical, Rob Schenck (Evangelical Church Alliance), who is against gun ownership and does not understand that self-defense is taught in the Bible. We can now understand why the Christians in America are so dumbed down.


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